Of all the great emails we receive daily from our 100 million monthly users, few were quite as memorable as the one we received from Anthony Mak of Toronto, Canada:

"I was hoping to use Ask.com to propose to my girlfriend. I was hoping I could have a picture of us with the words ‘Kelly Im, Will you marry me?’ when searching her name in Ask.com. Is this possible? If so, how much would it cost? Thank you."

With some details from Anthony and pictures of the happy couple, our Knowledge Engineering team built a custom Smart Answer that would trigger with the appropriate query. When they were finished, it looked like this:

Anthony approved and then it was hurry-up-and-wait time until the proposal date! About a week later, we received the update we were all waiting for. After a romantic date night, Anthony convinced Kelly that she should work on her LinkedIn profile and start with a quick search on herself to see what came up. With his iPad already queued up to the Ask.com homepage, Anthony coaxed Kelly to search her name and, well, the rest is history! 

Congratulations to Anthony and Kelly!