Wikis (Collaborative Websites)

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Spark Wikis can be used to create small collaborative websites that are typically edited and maintained online by multiple users.
Quick Access: 

Available To:

Arts & Sciences
Central Administration
Friedman School of Nutrition, Science and Policy
Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences
Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine
Tufts School of Dental Medicine
Tufts School of Medicine
Benefits and Features: 

Spark Wikis, one of the Spark suite of communication and collaboration tools, allows individuals and small groups to create, revise and edit web content from a browser using a simple "mark-up" language. The collaborative nature of wikis make it a perfect match for sharing online content with project teams,  knowledgebase's, small departmental websites, or any site that contains dynamic and frequently updated content. Whenever a wiki page is edited, a new version of the page is created with the old version being archived for site editors' reference.

  • Spark wikis reside on local Tufts servers
  • View and edit permissions are easy to set
  • Spark Wikis use Tufts Username and Tufts Password for authentication

To create or edit a Spark Wiki site, log in to Spark with a valid Tufts Username and Tufts Password.

Get Started: 

To create a new Spark wiki:

  1. Browse to and click the dark orange Log In button.
  2. Sign in with your Tufts Username and Tufts Password.
    Allow 30 seconds for the screen to refresh. When it does, you’ll see that the Log In button has changed to Create New.
  3. Click Create New.
  4. Follow the onscreen prompts.

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