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From Enterprise Intranets to Team Portals and Documentation 
Sites, Create collaborative portals for effective 
knowledge management. 

Create searchable, centralized information 
repository for easy organizational access.  

Create private or public workspaces
and promote active conversation between 
employees, teams, project clients and partners.
  • Intranets

    Wiki Intranets

    Build a secure centralized portal for easy access to Organization information. Publish company links, documents, announcements and events. Ensure data accuracy through collaborative participation.

  • Knowledge Base

    Wiki Knowledge Base

    Build an effective knowledge base for your business through a collaborative environment. Ensure data accuracy and stay notified on the changes happening.

  • Team Collaboration

    Wiki Team Collaboration

    Encourage individuals to participate and share information. Create workspaces for teams, projects and ensure everyone stays on the same page.Keep information private or share it with your group or organization.

  • Education

    Wiki Education

    Create collaborative classroom spaces. Build parent teacher community sites. Use videos and presentations to develop dynamic sites and encourage student participation.

5 Top-Ranked Zoho Wiki Features

Categorize your content into independent, fully customizable workspaces for effective knowledge seggregation. Each workspace acts as an independent portal. Teachers can create separate workspace for each class. Organizations can create different workspace for each team or project. Each workspace has it's own access control ensuring fine grained security.
Set up your own personalized dashboard using widgets. Aggregate content from other wiki pages, public websites and your own enterprise systems. Make your content more interesting by embedding photos, videos and presentations. Stay up-to-date on all the activities happening on the wiki. Use other Zoho product widgets like 'Zoho Creator' to build powerful workflows.
Get complete control over setting up the permissions. From just setting the permissions at the wiki level and inheriting those to setting the permissions for each workspace and page, you get to configure the way you want it. Easily configure who gets to post, who can only view and who has the full control in no time. Configure private project workspaces and collaborate with your clients. Keep the content public and allow all the users in your organization to view it. Do it the way you want it.
Wiki-Widget Branding
We know your brand matters - and that you want to provide a consistent visual experience to your customers throughout your website. With Zoho Wiki, you get full branding control of your portal - logo, colors and more. Create your own style-sheet and completely customize your portal.
Stay on top of changes happening in your site by configuring notifications. Let the information reach you. Keep a 'Watch' on all the changes happening in your Wiki or Workspace or a particular page. Scheduled notifications give a summary of all the changes made in your portal.

Top Reasons to Choose Zoho Wiki

    1. Wiki-Better Collaboration Experience
      A Better Collaboration Experience

      Provide an open environment and tap the knowledge of co-workers, teams and even your clients. Build trust with your clients and partners by making them a part of your work. Zero technical knowledge required to start. Enhance participation across the board.

    2. Wiki-Centralized Data Access
      Centralized Data Access

      Store all information in a single portal and make it completely searchable. You don't have to spend time searching emails or shared drives. The data is always up-to-date. Everyone stays on the same page.

    3. Wiki-Enterprise Security
      Enterprise Security

      Protect information at all levels. Set permissions for each workspace and each page. Open parts of your site to the public and keep others private. Configure automatic or manual backups for disaster recovery. Assign multiple owners to share responsibility.

    1. Wiki-Branding
      Control of Your Brand

      Completely customize the site to retain your brand image. Customize logos, background image, layout and much more. Upload custom style-sheet for deep customization.

    2. Wiki-Quick Setup
      Quick Setup

      Create your portal and start engaging users in a few simple steps. Because it is hosted by Zoho, there's nothing to install. You can be up and running with your own, fully-customized collaboration portal in less time than you think.

    3. Wiki-Zoho Advantage
      The Zoho Advantage

      Setup instant messaging amongst site members, facilitate member login via Zoho / Google / Y! / Other Open Ids, Mail integration, Spam filter integration - all with a few clicks.

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