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    Default Complete Forum Beginners Guide!


    On behalf of the rest of the Staff Team and all our members, I would like to wish you a very warm welcome to, the number one Swapit Forum.

    Before you get started on here we thought there are some things it would be useful for you to know ... I know this thread is long, but please read it all as it will only take a small portion of your time and it will be highly beneficial to you in the long term

    Swapit Itself:

    Most of you have probably joined because you already use Swapit. However, if you are new to the concept of Swapit as well as the forum, then I suggest you read this thread:

    It contains pretty much everything you need to know about Swapit - how it works, different ways to earn Swapits, how to get your 'Friends Link', the ratings system, a rate guide and much more.

    Swapit Forum & How To Use It:

    Now, on to the forum itself ....

    We are a nice community with friendly, helpful members and we would like to keep it that way. For this reason we have some rules by which you must abide:

    You must read these and familarise yourself with them before you start posting on the forum. Forcing people to read this thread when they register means there is no excuse for anyone to break the rules as fair warning has been given.

    I will now highlight important rules that we have the most problems with ...

    1.Multiple Accounts -

    2.Bumping -

    3.The 'Thanks' Button -

    4.Swearing & The Word Censors -

    How To Make A Post & How To Start New Threads

    The easiest and quickest way to get your first post is to head over to the 'Introduction' section and start a thread by clicking the button that looks like this . Just say hello to the rest of the forum and maybe tell us all a bit about yourself. Once you have written your message, press the 'Submit New Thread' button underneath the text box and there you have it, your first post. If you also have the option of adding a poll to your thread so users can vote. Just scroll down while making it to the 'Additional Options' section and tick the box marked 'Yes, post a poll with this thread.'

    Ok, you know how to start a new thread, but you may just want to make a reply in an existing thread. To do this, just enter the thread you wish to reply to, hit the 'Reply' button () found at the top and the bottom of each page of every thread. Type your message and then hit the 'Submit' button. You now have a post

    You can also make a quick reply by scrolling down to the bottom of the thread and typing your message into the 'Quick Reply' box. Once you are done just click 'Post Quick Reply'

    When you make a helpful or useful post, people will click your 'Thanks' button adding to your reputation. The reputation system is explained here:

    If you wish to edit a post you have made, then just simply hit the 'Edit' button (). If you want to delete your post, you can also do this by clicking the 'Edit' button and then choosing 'Delete'.

    User Control Panel (User CP):

    Here's a little basic guide for how to use the User Control Panel.

    Changing Your Avatar:
    To change your avatar (picture to the left of your name in posts) go to the User Control Panel. On the left-hand side click 'Edit Avatar' under the 'Settings & Options' heading.

    Changing Your Signature:
    You may also change your signature which is displayed under all your posts . You may put text, images or anything you want there. Just make sure the size does not exceed the maximum of 600 x 200. On the left-hand side click 'Edit Signature' under the 'Settings & Options' heading.

    Editing Your Profile:
    Your profile is your own little space where you tell us a bit about yourself such as Where your from, your interests and all other kinds of stuff. Its a bit like social networking sites in that you can upload pictures, add friends, give and receive visitor comments, join groups and change the entire look of profile just by clicking 'customize profile'.

    Other Points Of Interest:

    Your user title is the writing under your name. It starts off as newbie, but changes the more you post. See here:

    Want to include a picture in your post? Instructions on how to do so can be found here:

    We have a mod installed on the forum so if you post the link to a Youtube video it shows up and is watchable on the forum

    Want to play some games? No problem. We have an arcade installed on the forum. Just click the word 'Arcade' in the green bar at the top of the index page just under our forum banner :thumb:

    Found a spam post or someone who is not following the rules? Simply flag the post (report it to Staff) by clicking the flag icon () in the top right-hand corner of the post.

    If you scroll down to the bottom of the 'Index' page you can find out which members are online and you can also see all types of statistics about the forum.

    PMs - We have a Private Messaging (PM) system installed on the forum so members can talk privately to each other.

    Need any more help with anything, got a problem? A list of Staff members can be found here:

    I know this thread was long, but thank you for reading it as it tells you pretty much everything you need to know about the forum. However, if you have any other questions then don't hesitate to ask. Now, get posting and enjoy your time at Swapit Forum.



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