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Text Share this ABOUT.COM FOOD HEALTH HOME MONEY TECHNOLOGY TRAVEL MORE VIDEOS Mobile & Computers Software Online Gaming More About.com About Technology Blogging Parts of a Blog - Lessons on Blog Categories, Tags, Blogrolls and More Blog Page Overview What Is a Blog Page and How Are Pages Different from Blog Posts By Susan Gunelius Blogging Expert Share this BLOGGING CATEGORIES Starting a Blog - Blogging Basics for the Beginner Blogger Parts of a Blog - Lessons on Blog Categories, Tags, Blogrolls and More Writing a Blog Blog Design Blogging Tools to Maximize Your Blog's Potential Marketing Your Blog to Increase Traffic and Your Earning Potential Search Engine Optimization and Web Analytics VIEW MORE FREE EMAIL NEWSLETTER Let About.com send you the latest from our Blogging Expert. SIGN UP You can opt-out at any time. Please refer to our privacy policy for contact information. Many blogging applications allow bloggers to publish both blog posts and blog pages. With the addition of pages to a blog, bloggers can offer easy access to information and even make their blogs look more like traditional websites. In fact, many business websites are built using a blogging application like WordPress, and you'd never even know it! What Is a Blog Page? A blog page is typically a static piece of content on your blog. Most often, pages are accessible through links in the top navigation bar of a blog, just like a traditional website. Popular blog pages include an About Page and a Contact Page. How Are Blog Pages Different from Blog Posts? Blog posts are the daily (or ongoing) entries to your blog. They're published in reverse chronological order and are usually accessible through your blog archives by date or category. Blog pages exist outside of your blog's chronological posts and related archives. They are most often used for static content that you want visitors to have easy access to at anytime. That's why pages are often used to provide information about the blog and blogger and contact information. In other words, information that you want visitors to have one-click access to can be published through pages. Browse through some popular blogs or websites, and you'll see a top navigation bar filled with useful links. Each of these links probably leads visitors to a specific page within the blog or website. That's exactly how pages on your blog can work. For example, a business website built on WordPress could create pages to describe its business, provide product pricing, publish testimonials and customer reviews, and more. A personal blog could offer pages that enable readers to learn more about the blogger's background, contact the blogger to start up an offline conversation, and so on. In other words, it's up to you to decide how you want to use pages on your blog and what information you want to provide on the pages that you publish. How to Publish Blog Pages Depending on the blogging application you use, you might be able to make a limited or unlimited number of blog pages. Some blogging applications still don't allow users to create pages at all, but the most popular applications have integrated the feature. For example, WordPress users can simply click the Add Page link from their WordPress account dashboards to publish a new page on their blogs. Some blogging applications offer even more features to help you customize your blog pages. For example, you might be able to change the order of page links in your top navigation bar or hide links that you don't want people to see. You might even be able to change the layout of pages to make them distinctly different from your blog posts depending on the theme or template your blog uses. Finally, you might be able to organize your blog page hierarchy in order to create pages and sub-pages and display all of those pages in a sitemap. Consider your blogging goals and how you want your blog to look and function for visitors, and make sure you choose the blogging application that best enables you to meet those goals. An important consideration should be the flexibility the application offers related to page creation and publishing. For example, WordPress.org offers highly advanced page features while Tumblr offers very limited page features. As always, choose your tools wisely and with long-term growth goals in mind. Related Articles 5 Tips to Increase Your Blog Subscribers 10 Essential Features to Look for in an Offline Blog Editor 5 Wordpress Plugins to Boost Page Views Part Two: Tips For Building A Better Business Blog Overview of Blog Archives Our Expert Recommends 6 Questions to Choose the Best Blogging Application for You Blogging Application Comparison WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org Review of Blogger.com TypePad Review Blogging with WordPress What is Tumblr? What is LiveJournal? Wbat is Posterous? 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