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Title Websites - Forums | SimplyWellbeing
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Text Home ADHD Coaching What is ADHD? An ADHD Plan! Contact Us Home Page About So I'm ADHD - what next? ADD/ADHD Coaching ADHD Insights Books, Links & Newsletters Newsletter Archives Books for Kids Books for Adults Books for Parents Books on Happiness Books on Planning and Work Books on the Brain & Genetics Books on Health Websites - ADHD Professionals Websites - ADD Blogs Websites - Forums Websites - News Sites Contact Coaching Enquiry Click here to arrange a call to discuss coaching Newsletter Signup Sign up for our Newsletter and ADHD updates Read previous Newsletters Favourite Books Recent Blog Posts ADHD is not just for Start-Ups Finally something positive - Daily Mail on Adult ADHD Awesome reframing of ADHD/LD in Education Edward Hallowell's - "Seven Habits of Highly Effective ADHD Adults" Driven to Novelty more Follow us Home | Books, Links & Newsletters | Websites - Forums Websites - Forums Discussion Forums When I was first self-diagnosed with ADD, reading ADHD forums was a complete revelation. All these other people like me, similar problems but also a similar sense of humour, world views, habits and minds. Living with ADD can seem lonely, finding people with the same challenges, traits and approach to life as yourself can be a fantastic relief and very reassuring. You can discuss all manner of things ADD, from which medications help best, to the latest theories on ADD, to what music people like, to how to get by at work. It is a truly great way to understand yourself, through seeing yourself in others. Forums ADHD News- very well attended and comprehensive forum About.com: ADD/ADHD - useful site with active forum ADDFORUMS - largest online ADD forum, very comprehensive Simplywellbeing: Understanding, Accepting and Embracing your ADD Trader Clicks
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