Block-o-Matic 2 Demo

A new version of BoM 2 is in progress. You can check the demo in this page BoM 2 demo is currently offline.

Evaluation tool

We are exited to you to try the new Evaluation-of Blocks tool. still in Beta version.

It is also available the first draft of the evaluation tool. It is the same version used for research experiments, it is not very friendly 🙂

Segmentation Repository

This repository is composed of cached version of pages, segmentation data and some of them are annotated as ground truth.

Downloads (old version)

Get BoM Web page segmentation:

Block-o-Matic 0.9 Segmenter
Demo Chrome Extension

Pagelyzer suite stand-alone distribution
available on Github
Web Page Segmentation Javascript Library
on Github
Installation instructions [visit] [visit]

Manual-Design of Blocks (MoB)

Download the prototype demo