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Introduction to the Block-o-Matic Suite

The Block-o-Matic suite (BoM Suite) is a set of tools for Web page segmentation. One Allow you to analyze Web content.

One of the most know applications is the content blocking (eg. AdBlock extension), when unwanted content is present in a page, insted of blocking the whole page, we can block only the zone, part or segment that is affected.

Several other applications are possible thanks to Web page segmentation. For instance the Web Search Indexing optimizacion, crawlers optimization using change detection between versions (see Pagelyzer). Migration from one Web format to another, among others.

One on the main difficulties of Web page segmentation is to determine if the algorithm chosen is good for what you want to do. In this Suite an evaluator is develop. It allows to compare analitically several Web page segmentation. We use it to the test the quality of BoM algoritm and several other applications.

The evaluation depends on a grounth truth of manually segmented Web pages. For that reason we develop the tool Manually-design-Of-Blocks (MoB). Users can segment and annotate blocks in Web pages and conform a ground truth. We implement algorithms for selection of the best segmentation in a set.

This suite is the result of years of Research and Development in this field. We invite you to consult the articles pusblished in the Publication section.

Thanks in the behalf of the BoM Team.

Happy BoMbing!